Survey for Small Businesses

This Small Business Survey will help you determine whether you could benefit from an outsourced accounting solution like Five Star Accounting. 

Small Business Survey
  1. I spend this many hours in a month doing my books currently:(*)

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  2. The time you spend on bookkeeping is time away from the core of your business.
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  4. I spend this percentage of my time working on bookkeeping rather than on my business:(*)

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  5. You should be spending 20% or less of your time on bookkeeping and it should not be overwhelming.
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  7. It takes me this long to invoice my clients:(*)

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  8. The longer it takes for you to issue an invoice, is time wasted in retrieving payments.
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  10. My receivables are:(*)

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  11. The longer it takes for you to retrieve receivables, the more risk you are taking on.
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  13. My lines of credit are:(*)

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  14. If you are always operating in your line of credit, it can indicate a cash flow issue.
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  16. My current bookkeeper is:(*)

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  17. A trained and certified bookkeeper can help you stay on track.
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  19. I have been late filing PST, GST or Taxes:(*)

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  20. There are implications of filing late which can cost you money.
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  22. My team and I spend this many hours getting my books ready for year-end and/or getting my CA more information:(*)

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  23. Simple bookkeeping practices throughout the year can save you time and money at year end.
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  25. If you would like to speak to someone at Five Star Accounting about your results or if you would like to find out how we can help you save time and money, please fill out the form below. We will contact you soon.
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  28. Company Name(*)
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