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Minimum Wage – Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Effective October 1, 2019 minimum wage will be increasing – the new rates are:

 Manitoba $11.65/hour (Security guards remain at $12.50/hour)
Saskatchewan $11.32/hour

Not all payroll systems automatically update minimum wage.
If you are in need of assistance updating your records contact your favorite accounting and/or payroll provider.

Greg Libbrecht, President Platinum Books & Five Star Accounting

Next Chapter Succession Planning

I have recently joined a collective of other Winnipeg-based professionals to help provide a single point-of-contact approach for succession planning. Our group includes financial planners, accountants, insurance advisers, lawyers and investment managers who specialize in comprehensive succession planning.

This approach was established to ensure you hear one voice and executing from one plan to ensure your legacy will carry on and still impact your community. You can have peace of mind that moving onto the next phase of life will be a seamless transition and that your decades of hard work has paid off.

If you are thinking of making a change in the near future, or to learn more about our group, please visit us online.

Greg Libbrecht
President, Platinum Books & Five Star Accounting

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